Carbon Forest and Professor Luc ABBADIE invited by Aventim

CARBON FOREST + had the honor to animate with Professor Luc Abbadie of Sorbonne University, a presentation on the theme of “Carbon, soil, vegetation. Enjeux et solutions” at Aventim’s premises in Lille.

Carbon Forest invited by the french bank Crédit Agricole Maine-Anjouole

This Wednesday March 04, CARBON FOREST + was invited by the Crédit Agricole du Maine-Anjou in Sillé-le-Guillaume to talk about the reduction of its carbon footprint. An intervention that untangled the fake news from the real science.

Planting trees: explanation of a false pretense

Tree planting is not always a factor in reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. This is what the British media The Guardian and the French weekly Courrier International recently reported in their articles. At a time of climate change, it is important for everyone not to fall into the trap of greenwashing by actually acting for nature. And it starts by understanding it.

How trees secretly talk to each other – BBC News

Did you know the World Wide Web? Discover the Wood Wide Web and all the relationships between trees in this explanatory video by our BBC’s Outer-Manche neighbors.

Carbon Forest sign with Aventim in Chantilly

CARBON FOREST + is proud to announce its newly signed partnership with Hugues JOUBERT from AVENTIM on the Chantilly Forest, property of the Institut de France, represented by General Jérôme MILLET with the support of Christophe TARDIEU, soon to be General Administrator of the Domaine de Chantilly.

Twelve CEO get involved with Solar Impulse for a better world

“We, the Solar Impulse Foundation and the companies that support it, are not just calling for a better world, we are committing to you to make it happen through very concrete actions.” declares Bertrand Picard, President of Solar Impulse

Météo France and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food warn of droughts

French forests are in the front line in the face of emerging health, environmental, economic and social crises. Everything must be done, in the short term, to prevent ecological threats (insects, fungi, pollution or biotic) from becoming daily realities. Among these risks are the droughts that have become dangerously severe in recent years. When vegetation dries up, it is exposed to many perils and can sometimes cause fires. ” The year 2019 was the second hottest year on record”, notes Météo France, and trees need to become more resilient to withstand climate change. Otherwise, this climatic hazard will continue to compromise the French forest park to more and more dangers at the end of the 21st century.

European forests in peril facing deforestation

“Europe’s forests are truly ’carbon gulfs’ which eliminate about 10% of all greenhouse gases emitted in the EU. For this reason, the increasing use of forests poses a challenge to maintaining the balance between the demand for timber and the need to preserve these key ecosystems for the environment.”

Carbon Forest : getting the Solar Impulse certificate

The Carbon Forest method is recognized as a sustainable and efficient solution by the scientific experts of the Solar Impulse foundation.

Support our environmental projects

Carbon Forest is pleased to present its environmental projects. The implementation of the CARBON FOREST method makes it possible to maintain biodiversity, preserve the ecosystem, improve soil and water quality, create jobs and sustainably store carbon in the soil.

Radio Alpes Mancelles – Agri-environnement

Si chaque activité émet des gaz à effet de serre, il est aujourd’hui possible de compenser notre empreinte carbone, CARBON FOREST absorbe le CO 2 des 24 Heures du Mans, Mr Pascal YVON nous présente cette société de forestiers, une empreinte positive sur notre environnement.

Les Nouvelles de Sablé

Carbon Forest permet à l’ACO de compenser le carbone des 24 Heures du Mans

Carbon Forest compense les émissions de carbone. A sa tête six forestiers dont le Sabolien Hubert Guillais. Parmis les clients : l’ACO qui compense le carbone émis par les voitures des 24 Heures Du Mans.

Carbon Forest absorbe le CO2 des 24 Heures

L’ACO a signé un contrat de trois ans et achète chaque année 1 000 tonnes de carbone à cette société des forestiers, pour compenser les émissions lors de la compétition.

Green Week 2019

  We would like to take the time to thank the European Commission for hosting us at this year’s Green Week. The week in Brussels gave us a platform to share and discuss our method and process with environmental professionals and experts.

Ils vendent le carbone en forêt

Implantée en Sarthe, à La Bosse, la société Carbon Forest permet aux entreprises, notamment, d’agir en faveur de l’environnement en compensant leur empreinte carbone. Vendre du carbone stocké dans le sol des forêts : ce qui, au départ, pourrait faire croire à un poisson d’avril, est en fait une affaire très sérieuse. Et prometteuse pour l’avenir.

L’ACO court contre les émissions carbones aux 24 Heures du Mans

Une première mondiale a eu lieu ces 16 et 17 juin 2018. L’ACO va offrir aux 60 concurrents qui disputent la 86e édition des 24 Heures du Mans, de compenser leurs émissions de CO2 pendant l’épreuve. Grâce à son tout nouveau partenariat avec Carbon Forest+, l’ACO va contribuer au stockage du Carbone dans le sol de façon durable. Une démarche responsable et engagée.